Welcome to “Theory transfers? Social theory & CSCW research,”
a one-day workshop to be hosted at CSCW2017 in Portland, USA, on February 25, 2017.

Finding time to present and discuss theories at CSCW events has proven a perpetual challenge. This workshop takes up this cause by facilitating an open-ended discussion about how diverse strands of social theory not only align with but support innovative CSCW research. The workshop will focus on three guiding questions: How, when, and to what end can social theory benefit CSCW research? What recent developments in social theory could be especially impactful for CSCW research today? What can CSCW research contribute to social theory? With an aim to building a new community of practice, the workshop will provide an open forum for scholars and practitioners to probing the merits and limitations of social theory for CSCW research. We welcome participants with diverse theoretical interests, ranging from organizational theory to intersectionality, social materiality to pragmatism, practice theory, and beyond.

Contact: With questions, comments, or submissions please contact theorycscw@gmail.com or write any of the organizers.

Deadline: If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please submit a workshop paper by January 2, 2017. (For details, see our CfP.)